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The Latest News from NEMA Chicago.

Designer Spotlight

Founded in 1984 by Chicago native David Rockwell and led by partners Shawn Sullivan and Greg Keffer, NEMA Chicago’s interior architecture partner, Rockwell Group, is an interdisciplinary firm that emphasizes innovation and thought leadership in every project.

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Downtown Chicago: A Coffee Lover’s Heaven

When a caffeine craving strikes, proximity is key. For residents of NEMA Chicago, the new Downtown Chicago rental residence, a hot cup (or frosty glass) of coffee is just a quick walk away. Catch up on a novel, sheltered from blustery weather, or soak up some sunshine outdoors, iced coffee in hand. Here are some of our favorite neighborhood spots for handcrafted coffee.

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Services and Lifestyle Powered By Technology

What defines the ideal luxury apartment building in Downtown Chicago? At NEMA, it begins with architecture envisioned by world-renowned starchitect Rafael Viñoly and interiors by the brilliant Chicago native David Rockwell.

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Five Local Culinary Gems in Downtown Chicago

NEMA Chicago is set to be the tallest rental residence in the city. Designed by renowned architect Rafael Viñoly with interiors by the equally lauded Rockwell Group, NEMA is primed to take Downtown Chicago apartments to the next level both literally and metaphorically.

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New and True to the Skyline: Rafael Viñoly’s NEMA

There are not many in Chicago who can say they live in a luxury apartment created by one of the 20th and 21st century's most acclaimed architects. Rafael Viñoly is that man: an Uruguayan visionary who has stamped his larger-than-life style of building across the United States and, indeed, the world.

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Welcome to NEMA Chicago

Your New Downtown Oasis. The fearless architectural history and breathless spirit of the city feel very much alive today and are manifest in NEMA Chicago, the Downtown Chicago apartments that are nearing completion.

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48 Hours at NEMA Chicago

The perfect weekend at home. It may seem counterintuitive for locals to plan on staying in, but at NEMA Chicago, the new luxury Downtown Chicago apartments, “staying in” has a whole new meaning.

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