Blossoms are blooming, the lake ice is melting, and Chicagoans are finally waking up to spring weather. With the new season comes a fresh round of art exhibits and installations near the South Loop apartments at NEMA Chicago. Between a classic master returning to the city, a mind-bending collaboration between art and science, and new technology bringing old works to life, this season has something for everyone. Celebrate the good weather with one of these impressive art presentations.

The venerable Art Institute of Chicago is bringing impressionism back for a fresh audience. Monet and Chicago will tell the story of the relationship between the impressionist master and the Windy City, which was the epicenter of the Monet craze in the 1890s. The exhibit features 20 works that were originally shown at the Art Institute in 1895 as part of Monet’s first solo US museum show, as well as other works that the museum has acquired over the last century. As the holder of the largest Monet collection outside the artist’s home city of Paris, the Art Institute serves as both a first stop for art students as well as a treat for longtime fans of Monet’s work.

Not to be outdone by older institutions, the relatively new Art on theMart project has been bringing projected programming to the 2.5-acre expanse of theMart’s riverfront facade since 2018. This season, Art on theMart has teamed up with the Adler Planetarium on Astrographics, a piece in four movements that “explores ways in which humans conceptualize and visualize the universe and how that changes over time.” Starting with Earth, the multimedia presentation will take viewers on an interstellar and interdimensional journey every night until July 4.

For a truly unique dive into artistic history, NEMA Chicago residents should head to Immersive Van Gogh, a sensory experience unlike any other. The impressionist painter’s works have been digitized and projected onto the walls and floors of the exhibition space, allowing visitors to step into these mesmerizing landscapes. Visitors will lose themselves in the infinity of Starry Night and walk through fields of bright sunflowers, all with an accompanying soundtrack from musician and curator Luca Longobardi.

These mind-bending exhibits are just a few of the great artworks on display each season around the Windy City, and residents of NEMA Chicago can always find something new and exciting. Check out these luxury South Loop homes for yourself before planning a day of museum-going this spring!