Winter nights in Chicago are made for cozying up with good wine, artisan cheese—and maybe a board game or two. The luxury rentals at NEMA Chicago are packed with comfort-centric features, providing the picture-perfect setting for your games night while the weather does its thing outside.

The Cheese

Serving a selection of fromage is a hassle-free way to host, and following a couple of simple rules will ensure your cheese pleases. First and foremost, you'll need an inspired selection. Great American Cheese Collection is less than a five-minute drive from NEMA Chicago (they do curbside pickup), and they also deliver. They've got specially curated cheese flights for red, white, rosé, and sparkling wine—so you'll come off as the pairing expert at your games evening. Top up with their impressive range of cheddars, goudas, bries, blues, and more. (If you need help choosing, just ask their staff.) Making your cheese plates pop is important too: do it with the addition of charcuterie, nuts, and fruit; this step-by-step guide from Life as a Strawberry shows you how.

The Wine

Why leave the apartment when the wine can come to you? A number of companies will deliver straight to the doorstep of your NEMA Chicago apartment. Browse Drizly's extensive selection of bottles—and look out for the staff picks. Recent wines in there have included 19 Crimes—a bold Cali red endorsed by Snoop Dogg—and the Cloudy Bay sauvignon blanc, with its exotically fruity notes, lively grapefruit acidity, and long finish. The virtual shelves of Saucey are heaving with quality wines too; meaty American cab savs, delicate New Zealand whites, and fragrant rosés from the Cotes de Provence. Why not set out a selection of these on your Caesarstone kitchen island?

The Games

A games night is only as good as the games you've got. As family members gather round in your spacious living space—by now sated by a wonderful spread of cheese and wine—present them with a stack of games and get them to vote on which to play first. Not sure where to start? Elle has your back with this listicle of the best adult board games for whiling away the evening. Become railroad magnates playing Ticket to Ride. Channel your inner detectives by dipping into Clue. Or scare yourselves silly with Betrayal at House on the Hill. Anytime you need a breather (or if you're just a sore loser), take five by stealing looks at South Loop Chicago through the apartment's floor-to-ceiling windows.

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