There’s a good chance that maintaining a sense of wellness and mindfulness—not to mention, staying healthy all year-round—is likely atop your New Year’s resolution list. Fortunately, the South Loop Chicago rentals at NEMA Chicago have a host of wellness amenities for resetting body and mind and achieving all your wellness goals for the year. From the fitness center to the Spa Suite, NEMA Chicago’s 70,000 square feet of amenities offerings will keep you healthy and happy in ultraluxe style.

The benefits of a good workout—or even a few moments a day for deep breathing and recentering the body and mind—are well-documented: from lowering blood pressure and improving cardiovascular health to boosting mood and keeping you fit and toned. The secret to maintaining a fitness and wellness routine may be to incorporate it into everyday plans. With the dedicated state-of-the-art fitness center at your fingertips, you’ll be able to keep on track in convenience and with fewer of those excuses you might make to yourself.

This showstopper of a fitness center features a full-sized pro boxing ring for one of the world’s best full-body cardiovascular and strength training workouts—and that extra thrill of perfecting your jab and uppercut. It’s also fully equipped with some of the fitness world’s most sought-after and cutting-edge equipment, like Woodway Treadmills, Peloton bikes, and Technogym Skillmills, to guarantee a good workout, no matter the weather or the season. You can also stay toned or build muscle—the key to weight loss and transforming your body—with sleek strength training and functional training equipment like weighted ropes.

NEMA Chicago’s additional fitness amenities include dedicated spin, yoga, and Pilates studios with group fitness classes, as well as private instruction for more one-on-one attention to perfect your form and delve deeper into your wellness practice, from breathing and focusing on the body to setting an intention and finding your flow.

After a thorough workout, residents can head over to the treatment rooms in the Spa Suite to rest, recuperate, and relax well-worn muscles. You can reserve a room for a massage or other treatments whenever you need the extra wellness and calming boosts. Finally, don’t forget to take your four-legged friends to the on-site “Pet Spaw,” which features two playrooms with ramps and outdoor turf for chasing and tail-wagging fun.

With all of these fitness and wellness amenities close at hand, NEMA Chicago residents are sure to mix a little panache into this year’s resolutions. Schedule a tour at NEMA Chicago to learn more.