The key to staying refreshed and ready to tackle each day is taking a well-deserved midday break. The South Loop Chicago apartments at NEMA Chicago are perfectly appointed for moments of relaxation, with floor-to-ceiling windows that let light stream in all day and frame spectacular views—sure to inspire calm and reflection. Select residences also feature private balconies and terraces, ideal for taking in fresh air and basking in the sun. NEMA Chicago residents can also turn to one of the simplest wellness techniques around—the ancient art of meditation—for a mindfulness practice to add to their daily routine.

Studies have found countless benefits associated with meditation, including better sleep, more focus, reduced blood pressure, and increased immunity. Meditation might even reverse some of the signs of aging in the brain and improve memory—all with just a few minutes of regular practice. Everyone from the beginner to experienced meditators can take advantage of a range of wellness apps and guided video tutorials that have made meditation more convenient and accessible than ever.

The award-winning Calm app is an ever-popular option, thanks to a range of meditation guides, themed sessions, and master classes for all levels of experience. The highly customizable app allows practitioners to focus on personalized goals: from improving performance to reducing stress and developing gratitude. In addition to a new rotation of daily guided meditations, Calm offers additional in-depth, specialized guides ranging from facilitating deeper sleep to improving mindfulness in daily life. The app also includes narrated nighttime stories and a Calm Body program for flexibility and back and body care.

For a visual guide to meditation practices, a number of YouTube resources can help make the most of a midday meditation break. Varying in length from just five minutes to over an hour, each meditation in this popular compilation focuses on a specific wellness aim, including chakra sleep, gratitude, reducing pain, and healing via a mix of alluringly narrated guides and relaxing music. The entrancing visuals alone may ultimately give way to a replenishing nap—which may just be a good thing!

The Brightmind app provides another popular option with a focus on personalized instruction from their staff of professional instructors. Subscribers can choose from hundreds of in-depth guided meditations, as well as interactive courses and free guided meditations. As a refresher or introduction for first-time meditators, the app also covers the basics of meditation technique.

With stellar new apps and video guides, meditation can become a convenient addition to your routine. And with the elegant interiors of NEMA’s South Loop Chicago rentals as the backdrop, a restorative break for meditation may soon become the most gratifying part of the day.