As social distancing guidelines become a routine part of daily life, and the outside world shrinks while we shelter in place, the NEMA Fitness Team is here to help residents of their South Loop Chicago apartments stay fit during these uncertain times. Here are a few recommendations that will keep residents in good form for the foreseeable future.

—Use What You’ve Got: One of the easiest ways to exercise while staying inside your home is to use your bodyweight for resistance. With just a stretch of floor (and, occasionally, a bit of wall), you can build a routine with some or all of these 50 bodyweight exercises and turn your spacious living room into a personal gym without the need for any bulky equipment.

—Try Something New: Most people know SoulCycle for their biking and spin classes. However, with the introduction of SoulCycle’s Off the Bike movement, there are many helpful instructors conducting workouts and routines across social media. All you need to do is pick a class! Tune in for as long or as little as you’d like for a quick and efficient way to burn calories and build muscle without eating into the rest of your day.

Looking for something a bit more personalized? We’ve saved the best for last. The NEMA Fitness Team has curated at-home workouts exclusively for NEMA residents. Choose from no-equipment bootcamp, de-stress yoga, and much more! Try out one of our classes by heading over to our NEMA Fitness YouTube channel. Be sure to check out even more exclusive live wellness content from your NEMA Fitness Team by consulting the schedule of events right on your NEMA Life App.

Staying healthy this spring can seem like a challenge, but NEMA Chicago has ways to lift your spirits and put your fitness on track. Contact us to schedule your virtual tour today!