The art of flower arranging is called “ikebana” in Japan, meaning “making flowers alive”—it’s an art form that has the power to transform an ordinary corner of a room into a place of special beauty, and for residents of the luxury South Loop Chicago apartments at NEMA, the ability to access some of the most innovative florists in the country means every nook of their NEMA apartment can be accented with a next-level touch.

Southside Blooms, which has been lauded by the New York Times T Magazine as one of the top destinations in the country for exceptional flowers, also understands the transformational power that flower planting has on growers. Founded by Quilen and Hannah Blackwell as a series of flower farms in empty lots in Chicago, Southside Blooms provides not only jobs but deep aesthetic and communal fulfillment to the people who farm the flowers—most of whom are at-risk youth. It’s an ethos of hope that comes through in their arrangements, which feature sunflowers and tulips and act as a love letter to the city as well as to the flower recipient. Sign up for their Help Us Grow Bouquet of the Week subscription, and you’ll be treated to a rotating roster of handpicked blooms each month (with free delivery). You can also rest easy knowing that Southside Blooms describes itself as “beyond organic,” as they make sure not to use any pesticides or herbicides at any point in the growing process.

Leo’s Metropolitan Florist offers a wide selection of arrangements. Their Golden Hour Bouquet, with its rectangular vase, sunflowers, and orange spray roses bursting with color, is the perfect piece for your NEMA entryway, dining table, or kitchen island, while the High Rise Prize will transform the living room into a sanctuary with birds-of-paradise flowers reaching into the air like the NEMA building itself. Their designs for special occasions include the Happy Birthday Flower Cake, an enticing sculpture of flowers, including pink carnations, to approximate the textures of icing and to put a smile on the special day of both the young and the old.

Another destination that is a Chicago favorite for special occasions is King’s Garden Floral Shop. On offer here are dramatic displays of hand-assembled rose beds and house plants, as well as an open garden where customers can choose their blooms directly from the flower beds, giving them an experience of the garden itself. NEMA residents can make an afternoon of selecting blooms for Valentine’s Day and birthdays or simply as a way to connect with nature and the poetry of flowers.

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