The open-aspect kitchens at the South Loop's NEMA Chicago are perfect for crafting terrifyingly terrific Halloween-inspired cocktails. Making use of the custom-designed cabinetry, stainless-steel appliances, and kitchen island, you'll feel like one of Chicago’s top mixologists. And as for those views from your luxury apartment—scarily brilliant! Here are some tantalizing drink recipes to put you in the Halloween spirit (and the SPIRIT into Halloween).

A Witches Brew Welcome

Start the party with a bang by serving guests a Witches Brew the moment they walk through the door. A potent mixture of vodka, raspberry liqueur, and lime juice, these sugar-rimmed shooters are fruity and devilishly delicious. The twist comes with a few dashes of food coloring, turning this elixir a shocking purple! You all will be dancing to the “Monster Mash” in no time.

A Zesty Zinger of a Blood Orange Martini

You can't have your guests knocking back Witches Brews all night, so for their second drink, fix them a Blood Orange Martini. Lemon vodka, triple sec, and blood orange juice make this drink a zesty zinger! Kids or nondrinkers in the house? There's an equally delicious mocktail version. You can even decorate martini glasses with cobwebs and plastic spiders. What a scream!

A Halloween Sangria That'll Make You Howl

Every Halloween party needs a show-stopping punch—something you can mix up in a big batch and have guests serve themselves. We recommend this heady Halloween Sangria—a twist on the summer classic, made with red wine, brandy, ginger ale, and cinnamon sticks. Your guests will howl with delight while admiring the frighteningly good views of Chicago by night through your apartment's floor-to-ceiling windows. Cross fingers for a full moon.

A Perfectly Seasonal Pumpkin Ale

More of a beer crowd? Impress friends and family by brewing your own. October is the season for pumpkins, so why not try out this Perfect Pumpkin Ale recipe, flavored with cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger—and everyone's favorite orange gourd? The beer's even better served with steaming slices of Chicago deep-dish pizza. (Again, your well-appointed kitchen is the perfect place to make this.) Just remember that it takes a little more time to brew beer than it does to mix a cocktail!

Make sure your next Halloween party is monstrously good fun. Find your perfect South Loop Chicago rental today at NEMA Chicago.